About me

Hello! My name is Jennifer '' Jenna''.  I was born and raised in Lima, Peru and I currently live in Ottawa, Canada.

I am a mom of two amazing boys and when I am not parenting or working, I love to craft on apparel and accessories in general.

It's always been my dream to design on apparel and create brands with my own touch. It's all starting now as a hobbie and as a way to spend some of my time enjoying what I love during my maternity leave.

As a mom, I don't always have time to dress up. I spend most of my days in comfortable outfits and this is the reason why I wanted to design apparel for people like me who enjoy feeling comfortable but still wanted be in style while working from home, taking care of kids, going out for a quick coffee run or a nice walk.

Most of the designs are pretty simple and made by me. Although most of my apparel is made to order since I am getting things started in the clothing industry, my products are ready to be processed and dispatched within 2 weeks. 

I am available to answer any questions you may have in my different social platforms.

Thanks again for your support.